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CSHTMLDiff Control 2.1.98

CSHTMLDiff Control 2.1.98: ComponentSoftware HTMLDiff Control - HTML file-difference analysis control control can be controlled both during design-time and at run-time. And most important of all - programming with the CSHTMLDiff ActiveX control is easy, fast and simple. The control comes ready for use for out-of-the-box operation - simply place it in your form and it works! New features in version 2.0: · Support for remote document comparison over FTP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. · Improved filtering of JavaScript code for HTML mode. · Ignore Format

Locker from kids 1.0: Protect your PC and  internet connection with Lock computer from kids tools.
Locker from kids 1.0

Protect your computer and internet connection with Lock computer from kids tools. Scheduler computer work. Schedule Internet connection. Are tou parent? Do you want to admin time of computer work? This tools include a network version. It controll an Internet connection. It control of attempts on chargeable phone services. Spend 15 dollars, and save much more money.

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EasyCVS is an easy,quick and safe solution.It stores your sourcecode in an CVS Repository(CVS is an open-source version control tool),so you needn`t to worry about the database crashing.EasyCVS use the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI ) of Visual Studio© to simplify the process of committing sourcecode. It`s easy to use because it`s integrated into Visual studio. You can use it like using visual soucesafe.

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dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 2.6: Tool to compare and synchronize Oracle schemas.
dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle 2.6

tools, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle has the ability to compare schemas in multiple documents at once. * Schema snapshots and version control integration. The new version allows you to create schema snapshots that are frequently used for audit and roll-back purposes and automatically commit them to version control system, compare previous versions of schema with the current one (source control integration). * Command line support Use command

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SQL Examiner Suite 2010 4.0: A tool for SQL compare and synchronization of data and schemas.
SQL Examiner Suite 2010 4.0

tools run efficiently on any database supported. They also work with database creation scripts and SQL Server database backup files as well. Full automation of processes is also supported with the built-in command line comparison and synchronization feature. Source control systems including SourceSafe, Perforce, SVN and TFS are also supported which helps to keep databases under version control. Developers can also enjoy full control over any database

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RemoteNet - Professional 12.0: An automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely.
RemoteNet - Professional 12.0

RemoteNet is an automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely . The remote computer can be anywhere on the Internet or in your local network. You could see the remote computer`s screen on your own monitor as the full screen. The professional version uses Cluster Monitor technique and lets manager to view all clients` screens at real time. Included file transfer, screen control, voice conversation, Macro editor tools.

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DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (2K/XP) 5.2.1: Create high-quality video files with 30% better compression than the DivX® code
DivX Player with DivX Pro Codec (2K/XP) 5.2.1

The DivX Pro codec, the most advanced version of DivX video compression technology, includes a full suite of powerful encoding tools enabling the highest levels of visual quality, compression and precise control. DivX Pro plugs into your existing video software to produce high-quality movies (at one-tenth the size of DVD video) for viewing on your PC or, with DivX Certified DVD players, right on your TV. DivX Pro includes the DivX Player.

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